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Harry liked this clock. It was completely useless if you wanted to know the time, but otherwise very informative. It had nine golden hands, and each of them was engraved with one of the Weasley family’s names. There were no numerals around the face, but descriptions of where each family member might be. “home”, “school” and “work” were there, but there was also “traveling”, “lost”, “hospital”, “prison” and in the position where the number twelve would be on a normal clock, “mortal peril”. 

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Cost of a year of undergraduate study in the EU

Welcome to England where we fucking hate young people

This is hilarious they should show how much it costs americans

America would be as black as the shriveled up rotten beet their education ministry calls it’s heart.

All Americans literally just started sobbing

Canadians feel that too

I’m taking note of where to plan the birth of my future children


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